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For many, the first step in recovery from substance use disorder, an addiction to drugs or alcohol, is detox. But even at this stage, individuals may need more support than just medically supervised detox to address the physical symptoms being endured. Often mental health issues and addiction arise together. When this happens, individuals struggle with a co-occurring disorder and require a dual diagnosis treatment program to heal. Fortunately, United Recovery Project’s detox center can support individuals needing addiction treatment and mental health support.

Common Mental Health Issues

mental health and addiction treatment programMood disorders are the most frequent mental health issues contributing to and arising because of addiction. Mood disorders include conditions like depression and anxiety, among other mental health issues. Recognizing the symptoms of depression and anxiety is an essential aspect of seeking help at a medical detox center for addiction.

Chronic symptoms of depression and anxiety go much deeper than the temporary emotions we all experience on occasion. The feelings don’t go away when stressful life events come to an end. Instead, these symptoms are more intense and last for a longer time. They may become overwhelming and impact an individual’s ability to function in their everyday life.

Signs You Need Mental Health and Addiction Counseling

You’ll need to be aware of the symptoms of depression and anxiety to seek help for these chronic conditions. The following list highlights some of the most common signs of these frequently experienced issues:

  • Loss of interest in hobbies: Those facing severe depression or anxiety often experiences a lack of interest in their favorite activities or hobbies. This can even extend to a lack of concern or effort over personal care and hygiene.
  • Social isolation: Withdrawal from friends and family is also common among those facing ongoing depression and anxiety. These individuals may choose to spend much of their time in solitude, even when it impacts their personal relationships with others.
  • Constant debilitating worry: Severe worry can affect an individual on such a deep level that they may not even be able to leave their home. Anxiety and worry of this type can destroy romantic relationships, cause job losses, and impact the ability to perform basic functions.
  • Inability to meet obligations: We all experience many daily obligations that we need to attend to. These can include maintaining proper employment, caring for our children, and managing a busy household. People who struggle with severe depression or anxiety may find themselves consistently unable to meet these essential requirements.
  • Indecisiveness: Many who struggle with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are so indecisive that they can no longer make simple decisions. The inability to make decisions may stem from a deep-seated fear of making mistakes that affect the lives of others.

How Our Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Program Can Help

Detecting the symptoms of depression and anxiety could indicate the existence of other problems. But why do these conditions and addiction often occur together? In some cases, a person may experience depression or anxiety first. They may attempt to control these uncomfortable symptoms through the use of addictive substances. In other cases, the very nature of addictive substances could lead to anxiety and depression. In either case, quality detox therapy programs are a necessity.

Discover the Detox Center at United Recovery Project

When searching for appropriate addiction treatment programs, it’s important to find a treatment center equipped to deal with the dual issues of addiction and mental illness. It’s always wise to investigate the types of treatment methods each facility uses. At United Recovery Project’s luxury detox center, individuals can find support for several addictions like:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Opiate detox
  • Opioid detox

At our luxury substance abuse detox facility, residents can find the support they need to treat their mental health issues and addiction. Don’t let addiction prevent you from living the life you want. You can overcome addiction or symptoms of depression by seeking professional treatment. Reach out today at 833.525.0166 to determine how they can get you started on the road to a complete recovery.