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About United Recovery Project DetoxFor those struggling with substance use disorder, an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the first step in recovery is often medically supervised detox. This is the process where the drugs or alcohol are flushed out of an individual’s system. Unlike dietary detox, when an individual is dependent upon drugs or alcohol and then ceases to use or reduce their usage, their body reacts negatively. These are called withdrawal symptoms. They range from mild to severe and can lead to serious medical complications. Thus, United Recovery Project’s Detox Center has designed luxury detox center programs where individuals can make it through withdrawal in safety and comfort.

Why United Recovery Project’s Detox Center Is the First Step

The duration and intensity of withdrawal symptoms will vary from person to person and be tied to the substance they are dependent upon. Some individuals will experience mild withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps they have only recently developed an addiction, or the substance they are dependent upon isn’t as potent as others. Likewise, some people will experience severe symptoms because they have been struggling with a long-term addiction or the substance they’ve become dependent on is extremely potent. No matter the situation, withdrawal symptoms are painful. Without support, those who attempt to self-detox or go cold turkey frequently relapse due to the discomfort. Similarly, the symptoms of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can negatively impact decision-making, putting the individual and those around them at risk.

In our medically supervised detox programs, guests are guaranteed a safe and secure space to work through withdrawal. Unlike other detox facilities, ours understands that an austere or overly clinical environment can hinder recovery.

Our Detox Programs

No matter the substance you or a loved one is struggling with, our detox center offers an extensive program to address it. Some drug and alcohol dependencies can have their symptoms alleviated with medication. In detox, individuals are exposed to therapeutic approaches used in more extensive addiction treatment once the detox process is complete. Some of the substance abuse detox programs United Recovery Project’s detox center offers:

  • Alcohol detox: Legal and readily available, alcohol addiction affects millions every year. However, frequent use, whether steadily over time or in the form of binge drinking, can alter brain chemistry, creating a dependency. Alcohol withdrawal has specific symptoms that can pose serious health risks, so medically supervised detox is vital.
  • Benzo detox: Usually, benzodiazepines are medications used to treat anxiety or sleep issues. However, they can become addictive, requiring detox and therapy to overcome.
  • Cocaine detox: As an extreme stimulant, withdrawal from cocaine can put a severe strain on the body requiring medical supervision.
  • Heroin detox: One of the most addictive illicit substances available, the potency of heroin makes its withdrawal symptoms more intense and lasting than many other substances requiring professional support to heal.
  • Meth detox: Like cocaine, meth addiction takes an intense toll on the body, and ceasing use can trigger many health issues if proper medical supervision isn’t present.
  • Opioid and opiate detox: While heroin is perhaps the most common illicit form of this type of drug, many individuals struggle with addictions to similar substances like morphine or fentanyl, requiring specific treatment to begin healing.
  • Prescription drug detox: Even when individuals take medications as directed, their body can develop an addiction. Our detox program provides specific support based on the prescription drug the guest is dependent upon.

We also offer gender-specific programs for individuals who would feel more comfortable or believe they would make better progress in a detox program where they get support from gender peers.

The Detox Center at United Recovery Project

Reach out to United Recovery Project’s detox center today at 833.525.0166 to begin the journey of recovery. Our team of medical experts, counselors, and therapists can help you or a loved one get on track to heal and make a lasting recovery.